Speech Patterns – Didn’t Need A Reason (New Music)

It’s always a good day when Jacksonville band Speech Patterns share something new. This crew of perfectionistic creatives have just released a new music video for “Didn’t Need a Reason”; the opening track of their Without a Sound EP.  Shared via the legendary Dreambound YouTube channel, along with their previously released video for “Relapse”, it’s an awesome opportunity for a greater audience of alternative/heavy music enthusiasts to get to know Speech Patterns.

“Didn’t Need a Reason” is a slick showcase of the strength of Speech Patterns across a wide dynamic of sound. Opening with dark and anticipatory tones, aggressive fire draws us into the verse. The ever-impressive vocal capabilities of Eric Suarez are well represented in this track, as his expression migrates from breathy tones, to matter-of-fact assertion, through to roaring intensity.

There’s guitar groove here as well as pummeling beats, and searing vocals, most impressively at the bridge with ache screamed out into empty darkness. The track finishes with satisfying strength by way of directly handing to another the damage they’ve created.

‘Those words, it’s clear you didn’t mean them’

The track is sonically confrontational, fighting for an opportunity to be heard while wading through relationship discomfort or awkwardness. This accusatory frustration via pained melodics, hard hitting drums, and driving choruses make it clear that this position they’ve been placed in is unsatisfactory.

In the music video directed by Joey Durango, Speech Patterns have demonstrated the theme of uncertainty and confusion in a relationship, with one literally left out.

Watch below. You can also stream Without a Sound via Spotify HERE.


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