Silver Lining – When Will You Ever Learn EP (New Music)

Silver Lining are an alternative/emo band from Louisville, Kentucky. In Silver Lining are: Justin Cottner, Phillip Bullock, Aaron Cottner, and Tony Delise.

Silver Lining have put together a five-track EP, When Will You Ever Learn, which is heart-hurtingly emo. The songs speak about love lost, being stuck in the past, and the pain of moving on.

Another late night with the same old question do I belong here?
I’m just wondering whats the point of living in constant fear?
When I’m still stuck in yesteryear”

The songs on When Will You Ever Learn are musically and vocally raw, fitting the rawness of emotion shared in the songs. It’s easy to fall into the feelings of frustration and angst that Silver Lining are sharing.

Check out Silver Lining and When Will You Ever Learn here:

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