Shiny Penny – Don’t Believe a Word That I Say (New Music)

Shiny Penny are a band to notice. They caught the eye of Bon Jovi, who chose to have them as support for the show in Indiana, as part of a competition.

Shiny Penny are Scott “Stix” Ayers (drums), Brad DiCarlo (guitar), Eric Hyman (bass), Dean Schimmelpfennig (vocals), hailing from Kokomo, IN.

They have just released a music video for “Don’t Believe a Word That I Say”, the first single for their upcoming album.

“I’m tired of needing
Something to fill me
Tired of seeking
Something that kills me
I’m tired of wishing for something more
When I know it’s only gonna
make me want a little more”

Their sound is smooth alt rock, with “Don’t Believe a Word That I Say” feeling like passionate frustration, and a call for someone to pay attention. The wide open spaces and echoed vocals feel like “is anyone out there?”. We’re here, Shiny Penny!

Check out the video for “Don’t Believe a Word That I Say” below. If you’re sensitive to seeing people underwater or trapped, stick to Spotify. đŸ˜‰

You can get details of tour dates and tickets here:

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