Seven Stories High – Apathy (New Music)

Swansea, UK pop punk band Seven Stories High released their sophomore EP Deadweight on 24th November. The band shares that Deadweight is ‘almost split in two’, with the first two tracks capturing the band’s pop punk influences, and the second two tracks taking a heavier and darker stance.

The quintet of Rhys Hyett-Ferrier (vocals), Matt Davies (guitar), Charlie Porter (guitar), Kallum Brain (bass) and Dave Bevan (drums) released a video for Deadweight‘s opener: “Apathy”. The video captures a modern take on the Greek myth of King Midas (who has the power to turn everything he touches to gold) while also leaving the song open to personal interpretation.

My own take on “Apathy” is the gift and curse of feeling emotions, and the band express this lyrically in how they are frustratingly kept awake and seem like they have their relationships negatively impacted. For a ‘feel everything’ person, the state of apathy would be a welcome reprieve from emotional bombardment.

“I wish I had the strength to be a better friend to you”

Despite their frustration-rich expression, Seven Stories High keep the energy high and the riffs catchy and interesting.

The emotional wrestling at the bridge, the spaciousness entering into the final chorus, and the closing riff-fest are stand-outs on the track.

Check out “Apathy” with its music video, and keep up with the band via Facebook:

Soak up Deadweight in its entirety:


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