Senses Fail – Double Cross (New Music)

New Jersey band Senses Fail have announced a new album on the way as well as released a single from it. Beautifully titled, If There Is A Light, It Will Find You, the upcoming release will be the 7th full length album from the band, and releases on February 16th via Pure Noise Records/Sony Music Australia.

Senses Fail are Buddy Nielsen (vocals), Gavin Caswell (guitar), Greg Styliades (bass), Chris Hornbrook (drums) and Jason Milbank (guitar). If There Is A Light, It Will Find You is primarily the creative expression of vocalist Buddy after experiencing ‘life-altering shifts’ over the past two years. It’s the first time Buddy has fully written the entirety of the album alone, vulnerably taking listeners through his personal experiences.

“Double Cross” is the first single. While upbeat and hopeful sounding, the track takes on the impression of gathering resources to make a change. The guitars are so strong they feel defensive. Combined with the verse vocal roars, crashing beats and anthemic chorus, “Double Cross” vibes like an empassioned statement of the value of music.

“All I got, all I really got is this music that’s left in me
and all I want all I really want is a reason to believe. “

This solid rock track burns away the typical life debris and mess and gets to the core: Let your passions drive you, instead of waiting.

If this first track is anything to go by, the album will be well worth the listen! Check out “Double Cross” via YouTube or Spotify links below.

If There Is A Light, It Will Find You Track listing:

01. Double Cross
02. Elevator to the Gallows
03. New Jersey Makes, The World Takes
04. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…
05. First Breath Last Breath
06. Ancient Gods
07. Is It Gonna Be The Year
08. You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense
09. Orlando and a Miscarriage
10. Shaking Hands
11. Stay What You Are
12. If There Is Light, It Will Find You


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