Oceandust – Safe Space (Track Of The Day, 6th December)

Swedish alternative rock band Oceandust released their debut single last week. “Safe Space” is our Track Of The Day today. The Skövde based band are Kristoffer Szczerbicki (vocals), Rickard Åkesson (bass), Markus Karppinen (guitar), Joakim Johansson (guitar), and Robin Gustafsson (drums).

“Safe Space” combines strong beats with empassioned vocals. Orchestral elements meld with expansive rock.

“Break through notions calm before the storm”

The track seems to relate to wanting to break out of something known, yet toxic. Oceandust’s guitarist Markus shared with us that the inspiration behind the track was  the band’s vocalist Kristoffer’s personal experience. “The song is about isolation from friends, family and everything around you and slowly starting to lose perception of life and fighting your inner demons.”

Relating to Kristoffer’s situation, Markus adds “doctors kept giving him more and more medicines and it was the medicines that made him to isolate himself and he wanted to break that chain. The lyrics are kinda dark but we think that it could probably help someone who’s dealing with same kind of issues.”

Check out “Safe Space” and follow Oceandust on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oceandustband/

Kel Burch

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