Rome Hero Foxes – Horoscope (New Music)

We are so excited to see new music from Rome Hero Foxes! Earlier in the year we reviewed their I/O EP and fell in love with their sound. More specifically, we called it a ‘tender trip’ and ‘a heart presented on a platter, unapologetically’.

Brand new track “Horoscope” was released on 14th November, along with a statement from the band on Twitter:

“Hey! Just letting everyone know again, our sound as a band will be forever changing and we will never stick to one genre :-)”

“Horoscope” kicks Rome Hero Foxes’ sound up a notch from the sweetness we heard in I/O. It’s still the same brand of honest lyrics, spilled from the heart, but is a touch heavier. This is most noticeable from the pre-chorus with a kickass amping up with distortion and searing guitars.

“I hate the way I loved you like a fool”

“Horoscope” seems to tell the story of a guy left feeling raw and hurt from a relationship, blending his self-frustration with resentment toward his former flame. The additional heaviness felt/heard in “Horoscope” reflects the shift in emotion too: Rome Hero Foxes are seeming less heart-bleedingly vulnerable, and more confrontational in honesty.

Can’t wait to see where their evolution goes by way of sound and hear more of what the Houston band have coming.

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