Premiere: Birdshow – Chasing Something

It was a Friday afternoon when “Chasing Something” appeared in my inbox. A trepidatious first listen resulted in surprise instant affection for Birdshow and their new song, which was also somehow exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. It had me surrender the week’s tension to the clean guitar, wandering bass, and warm nostalgic vocals, before inspiring an energising release to the brashness of the choruses.

But firstly, who are Birdshow? Featuring Aaron Berry (vocals & guitar), Nathan Attard (guitar), Bryce Pauling (bass & backing vocals), and Cameron Cooper (drums), Birdshow formed in 2016. The Wollongong based band have so far only released “Wandering”, and have been active with local shows, including with After Touch (when they were Easy Life).

“Chasing Something” is Birdshow’s second single, and is a clear positive progression for the four piece when you listen to both singles the band have under their belt. They have honed their songwriting skills, and also had producer Mark Williamson work on the new track with them. There’s a confidence and clarity to “Chasing Something” that makes it a pleasure to immerse into, and we’re stoked to have the opportunity to premiere such a great track.

“I’ve been chasing something that I can’t find.”

Sonically, “Chasing Something” begins with contemplative guitar, with some subtle feedback squeal tension waiting in the wings. A dreamy affection for a lover is amplified by pining bass and pensive guitar; all framed as if waiting for something to happen. An “I JUST WANT TO MOVE ON” point of exasperation heralds a thrash-tastic chorus, where frustration oozes out and we’re shown what’s been going on inside him, while knowing things are hitting a dead end.

Again contemplative at the following verse, some really beautiful layers of sound combine, seeming to draw focus to a voice that is struggling to break free of overwhelm. The satisfying lyric shift into the chorus of “I DON’T WANT TO MOVE ON” really hits, akin to the shock of realisation that the object of one’s desires has been something non-existent. Drum beats hit like thuds to the chest and Birdshow create a feeling of suspension, in amongst the anthemic chorus and its rhythms. Harmonies and vocal layers work so well on this track, beautifully matching the pining, desperation, and realisation.

According to Birdshow themselves, “Chasing Something” relates to a relationship where one is putting in intense effort to make it work, while at the same time the other has already given up. There’s a grief in realising that the one you love has mentally checked out, and Birdshow intended for the song to be beneficial for this feeling.

Check out “Chasing Something” via YouTube or Spotify below, and follow Birdshow on Facebook HERE.



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