Reside – In This Moment (Summer Remix) (New Music)

Melbourne’s Reside have put a smile on my face with the ‘Summer Remix’ version of their megahit, “In This Moment”. Turning the original’s slow seriousness on its head and heading to the beach, it kinda feels like the five piece are walking their talk when it comes to metaphorically searching for lightness, especially when it’s dark.

I rarely use the word, but this track is indeed a BANGER. The best part is that this is just the start, with Relight coming on 23rd April; a collection of Reside favourites which have been reimagined.

When we spoke with vocalist Liam Guinane in October, he’d talked openly about his appreciation for using the synthesizer and wanting to bring ambient textures into Reside’s music. He’d also shared that the band sought to go beyond any genre expectations that might have held them to any particular sound – instead wanting to allow whatever emotions to be expressed and allow them to turn into sound. In the same chat, Liam talked about influence coming from bands like The Cure and Angels & Airwaves (among many others), having me wonder how on earth ‘new Reside’ would sound.

“Cause I’ve been counting the minutes I screw up again”

To finally hear “In This Moment (Summer Remix)” after that conversation, the ideas and influences make perfect sense, and the result sounds amazing. Keeping the same signature opening chords in place before slipping into Synth Land, the track invites the listener into a musical wonderland where ethereal waves of instrument and voice waft by. Altered vocals deliver the earnest uncertainty that we already know and love, and I’m here for the kaleidoscopic melodies and soulful harmonies. The bounce and dreaminess of the tamborine-centric bridge is a treat for my ears and heart, and there’s an undeniable moreishness to this entire song-iverse.

The ever-quirky, ever-creative band have coupled the single’s release with a music video, captured by our very own photographer Liam Davidson. Highlighting the band’s penchant for playfulness, it shows them in full boy band glory, featuring toy instruments as the sun sets. We are in another universe, far away from a slowly filling bath tub, and that’s a-okay with me.

Watch “In This Moment (Summer Remix)” via YouTube below, or stream the remixed track via your preferred streaming service.


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