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With the open ended possibility of “The Light That I Found” still glowing in our ears, Reside have released new single “Fallen”.  Vibing like it could be a B-side of the Melbourne band’s EP, The Light That You Saw, the new song shares similar lyrical themes of heartbreak and the shock of disbelief when love disintegrates.  Nonetheless it’s hinted as being a doorway into a new chapter for the band, which we’ll no doubt learn more about when the time is right.

The absence of light is apparent in the dark, monochrome video, captured by (our very own photo guy!) Liam Davidson and edited by Reside’s guitarist Ariel Johnson. The DIY approach has long coursed through the veins of Reside and persists with “Fallen” being produced and recorded by vocalist Liam Guinane, with mastering performed by Kris Samos. With a congruence that is right up our alley here at Depth, Ariel has shared that “Fallen”‘s video footage was specifically edited to express the thematic sentiments of the song.  So let’s listen to it, hey?

With “whoa-oh”s that I’d describe as haunting, “Fallen” is forlorn and questioning as it sifts through the ashes of an experience. A skipping beat and the song’s peppery pace inspires a sense of panic, with the chorus landing like a torrent of wisdom. Mirroring “Replace Me”, the decision to “give up” is similar to “Fallen” urging for acceptance and being with the pain. The build of crashing drums that lead into this chorus hit memorably, as does the cascading instrumentation at the chorus itself – mirroring the concept of rain.

“I’m afraid to give any thing in the end
As my heart just breaks again and again”

A return to the verse offers more details of the experience; seeming like our beloved protagonist was rejected and pushed away. Guitar cuts through the experience with an sharpened instrumental bleed expressing the pain. It’s worth sitting attentively with for a moment to appreciate each instrumental element, and what each member of the quintet is bringing.

Both sonic and visual effects at the bridge create an out of body experience of distance and disconnect and it’s something breath-holdingly beautiful despite the sourness of the experience. The song’s dissonant ending and the erasure of band members adds continued meaning. The metaphorical light has clearly dimmed – for this moment at least – and there’s no happy ending or resolution to be found in this song.

Watch “Fallen” below via YouTube or listen via your preferred streaming service.


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