Paledusk – HAPPY TALK (New Video)

Greyscale Records keep raising the bar for themselves when it comes to their roster of bands and the steady stream of impressive music that comes from their fold. The newest addition to the Greyscale family are Paledusk, the Fukuoka, Japan based collective that continue to inject new life into heavy music. When we first came across the band, I described them as “incredibly refreshing”, appreciating their addition of a “neon technological static edge to the existing/familiar strengths of metalcore”.

Prolific creators, Paledusk have released a series of EPs since their inception in 2015, the latest being their HAPPY TALK EP that landed in April this year.  Along with the news of their signing to Greyscale, the band have shared a music video for the EP’s title track. They have Takasuke Kato at the helm on the video’s creation; a director they’ve worked with previously who seems to perfectly capture the eccentric character and effervescent energy that pours from Paledusk.

“Know now
Value of me”

“HAPPY TALK” comes across like the band’s response to pressures that have come their way as a band. Upbeat and effect-heavy, the song grows in severity with the arrival of riffage and roars. Full, big, and fiery, Paledusk affirm their desire to have fun versus suffer and sacrifice, and loudly assert their value in the process.

English lyrics aren’t the Japanese band’s forte, but the message is palpable anyway with their explosive rhythms and larger than life atmospheres. The song is infectious in its thrashing celebration, and it’s a good time to turn this one up loud, regardless of the reactions of those locked down in COVID-19 isolation with you. Hopefully we’ll get to savour “HAPPY TALK” and other Paledusk tunes in the flesh at some point in the future if/when they hit our shores.

Watch “HAPPY TALK” below via YouTube, or stream via your favourite streaming places HERE.


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