Real Friends – From The Outside (New Music)

Illinois rockers Real Friends have released their new song “From The Outside”, accompanied by a brand new music video. The song refers to the emotions and conflicting feelings of frontman Dan Lambton, as he struggles with what is right and wrong, and is unable to reach out for help. It is about putting on a fake face and displaying a version of yourself that isn’t you, whilst not knowing whether that is healthy or not.

Dan says, “This song in particular addresses uncertainties pertaining to not knowing what may be good for you, or in your best interests. Whether it be medication, drugs, alcohol, psychiatric treatment, etc. And generally not being able to navigate the inner workings of your mind to know what is going on in your mental state.”

“From The Outside” comes off as an upbeat song at first; featuring the tone and instrumentals of what would normally be a much happier track. Yet on closer listen, it’s a very personal song looking at the depths of Dan’s mental state. He can feel himself sinking deeper and isn’t sure how to help himself. He puts up a facade, a disguise, a fake personality. All of this just to disguise the deep insecurity coming from within.

“From the outside, I seem fine.
On the inside I’m still sick.
The pill is a temporary fix.”

Drugs and alcohol numb the pain temporarily but don’t fix it. He walks through life trying to ignore the nagging panic that appears to be constantly gnawing away at his sanity. To his family and friends he appears fine. Family dinners, laughing and smiling, keeping up the act; he has everyone fooled. He gets home and the pain is back. The barrage of anxiety and panic attacks can only be held back by substances, and he needs help. Rock-bottom is inches away, but reaching out to people seems like an impossibility.

The music video follows this theme, as it shows a photo model getting her photo taken in several different outfits, poses, and settings. She smiles for the camera and appears happy, but as soon as the camera is off, the darkness sinks in and she is miserable again. This continues until she loses her grip on herself and all of the energy she has spent holding this in comes flying out as she violently murders a pinata.

Real Friends are made up of Dan Lambton on vocals, Kyle Fasel on bass, Brian Blake on drums, and Dave Knox and Eric Haines on guitar. Catch “From The Outside” now via YouTube or any music streaming service.


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