RAT!hammock – Ghost (New Music)

Melbourne’s RAT!hammock have just released an intriguing music video for “Ghost”; the quartet’s single that released last month. If you’re anything like me, you’ll come for the sweet indie rock melodies and stay for the (dark yet amusing) story shared via the music video, which comes courtesy of Michael Ridley.

It all starts with a door-knocking gone wrong, where a music-affected listener takes an opportunity presented to him and builds upon it. With characters well played by RAT!hammock band members, we’re shown how a seemingly friendly man is inspired to build his own band against the will of its members. Lured to his home in various false pretenses and knocked out cold, the three victims wake up in KISS-esque rock garb rocking out in a smoky living room to “Ghost”.

“Want to feel like I’m not here”

Video aside, “Ghost”‘s gang vocal choruses, dry and defeated verses, angsty lyrics, and easily enjoyed melodies make for an infectious tune. It’s somehow both sweet and uncomfortable absorbing how the narrator seeks to be better than they are by disappearing completely.

To celebrate the single, RAT!hammock are kicking off a mini tour of Sydney, Wollongong, and Melbourne in June. For dates, venues, and tickets for the Ghost Single Tour, hit RAT!hammock’s Facebook page. Sit back and enjoy “Ghost”:

[Photo of RAT!hammock by Ian Laidlaw]
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