Press Club – Get Better (New Music)

Melbourne based Press Club have released a badass single “Get Better”, along with an equally badass music video. The quartet of Natalie Foster, Greg Rietwyk, Frank Lees, and Rufio MacRae turned heads with the release of Late Teens last year, leading to their name on tongues as well as their presence on tours and festival line-ups. The 11 tracks have also catalysed their first ever European tour that the band are presently on.

“Get Better” is a hefty piece of music from the get go, with ribbons of riffs being the stage setter for confrontational vocals. Tense and full of fight, the pace as well as defenses shift at the chorus, asserting that “this has to all get better”.

It’s easy to get lost (pleasantly) in “Get Better” when the vocal punches die down and we’re dancing in the dark to guitars that sing in their own right. Circling back around to a passionately delivered chorus, Press Club fire on all cylinders with optimism and hope.

The fresh single will get a tour in its honour once Press Club return to our shores. Kicking off in May, the Get Better Single Tour hits Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. If “Get Better”‘s music video is anything to go by, it’ll be a rocking set that’ll hit impressively hard. Get more info on dates, venues, and tickets via Press Club’s Facebook page.

Check out “Get Better” in action via YouTube:


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