PUP – Old Wounds (New Music)

Holy crap, this is insane.

Toronto-based punks PUP have released an interactive video for “Old Wounds” from The Dream Is Over, which was released last May. This creation of Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux is unlike any music video I’ve seen. It’s revenge-punk meets retro gaming, but those words aren’t really enough.

From the beginning of the “Old Wounds” video, we can see that we’ve tumbled into an 8-bit universe, catching Zack, Stefan, Nestor and Steve in pixelated form as they come off stage. After a brief foreshadowing of their individual future storylines, you get to choose your character. You’re the new PUP tour manager and you get to say what happens.

Beers, bars, bears, shrooms, shoot-outs, pizza and aliens are the obstacles you’ll face as PUP’s tour manager. According to PUP, there’s 28 ways to die, so choose wisely. Will you make it through the night?

It’s a brilliant video with no details spared, including individual skill breakdowns of each character (‘squirrellyness’ anyone?), unique health meters and more.

We actually each wrote our own individual storylines,” Stefan shared. “From Steve’s sports obsession to Zack’s weirdo sci-fi brain soup, and Nestor’s unnatural love of pizza to me going off the deep end in the wilderness… this video is pure PUP.”

In the midst of all of this choose-your-own-adventuring are the face-punch vibes of “Old Wounds” which the pixelated band member avatars sing along with (if they’re not being mortally wounded).

“Now you wanna know where I’ve been lately
You wanna know if I’m still a prick?
Well, I am and you’re not gonna change me”

“Old Wounds” is an open letter to an ex lover and brutally sets things straight, wanting the old situation to be done with already, even if they were no angel in the situation.

How that relates to this retro-tastic vid, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s impressive regardless, and the often bizarre things that are happening to the characters combined with the intense track makes for a wild ride and much amusement.

Have a go and play the “Old Wounds” game:


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