Prophets of Rage – Living On The 110 (New Music)

This is the catchiest.

Prophets of Rage is a collaboration between Rage Against The Machine‘s Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, Cypress Hill‘s B-Real, and Public Enemy‘s Chuck D and DJ Lord. And if you imagined the music of those three bands in your head combined, all mashed up, That’s pretty much what Prophets of Rage sounds like. Which is awesome – if you like those bands, of course.

Prophets of Rage have a self-titled album on the way, planned for 15th September. In the meantime they have released a new single, “Living On The 110”.

By ‘110’, the guys are referring to the LA highway and the very real situation of poverty and homelessness in the US, resulting in living by those highways. The song/video is just as much an experience of education and awareness as much as it is about the music. It’s not really a surprise with the activist roots historically fueling these musicians, and it’s admirable they’re using their position as known artists to inspire change.

“You drive by see the family camped out
By the underpass
You got your blinders on
You want to hit the gas”

The music video draws attention to people ‘living on the 110’; where they’ve come from, and how long they’ve been on the streets, as well as shares meaningful quotes and pointed questions.

Message aside, those oh-so-familiar tones and voices, as well as violin bow guitar melody make this track an earworm even if you don’t want to jump onto the hype train.

May this earworm and its ‘wake up’ vibes get into the change makers’ ears. The band are backing WhyHunger, a leader in the movement to ending hunger and poverty, and are calling for donations here:

Check out “Living On The 110”.


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