Pridelands – Machina (New Music)

Heavy up-and-coming act Pridelands have released a new track, “Machina”, which is accompanied by a music video and a slight change of sound, and a welcome one at that.

Pridelands have been a band that I personally have had my eye on ever since I saw them play under the grandstand at the local footy ground in smalltown Hamilton in late 2013. Coming originally from Mt Gambier, South Australia they were only an hour and a bit away, so they were probably the closest thing to any sort of local talent we had in Hamilton. Despite some technical difficulties striking during their set under the grandstand, and them not being able to play my favourite song “Day One” (an absolute belter) it was still a ripping set. They’ve released several singles and an EP since then, and they all have exceeded expectations, and now after a short break from releasing music and playing shows, Pridelands are back with “Machina”.

“Machina” is a slight change for Pridelands, as they have chosen to fully utilise the talents of former bass player and back up clean singer Josh Cory, as he is now away from the bass and takes up the role of vocalist, alongside scream and other vocalist Mason Bunt, who is as brutal as ever in this track. Josh’s cleans always played a prominent role in Pridelands tracks, but now they are better than ever and are probably the highlight of “Machina”.

The instrumentals in this song are killer, and the guitar, bass, and drums, all combine to make you want to move around and get up and about. The lyrical content in “Machina” tells a story. The character behind the lyrics goes through a journey. There is a sense of isolation, and feeling like they are not good enough for someone. It seems that it is about being able to see through people, and have them try to help you through difficult times, particularly difficult times with mental illness possibly, and not letting them because you can’t see any kind of possibility that involves them doing this truly because they care. It speaks of pushing people away because of this, and the last lines of the song explain the self-awareness of this, and closes out the track with some hard hitting words and finishes it very strongly.

“But this is written inside of my genetic code,
I can’t erase the segments that have made me cold.
They’ve made me cold.”

“Machina” is Pridelands latest, and is a hard hitting heavy track, which involves some fantastic vocal talent and solid instrumentals. “Machina” is available now on all music streaming services, and catch Pridelands at The Corner Hotel on April the 14th supporting Counterparts and Stray From The Path.

Watch “Machina”‘s music video below. You can also find the track on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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