Polaroid Summer – Eye Of The Storm (Track Of The Day, 19th September)

Polaroid Summer are an alternative/indie rock band based out of Houston, Texas. The four piece formed in January this year and have Micaiah Walker on vocals, Trace Sisson on guitar, Brian Barrett on drums, and Kenneth Conlon on bass.

I had the pleasure of hearing a demo of “Eye Of The Storm” earlier this year and am so thrilled that they have now released it, even though its release is in conjunction with not so positive circumstances. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Polaroid Summer’s Micaiah created a tribute video along with track, deciding to use their music to support those in need.

Via Facebook, the band shared a statement about the video:

“As many of you know, our home town, Houston TX, suffered the worst recorded flood in US history. Thousands lost everything and many Texans will be suffering from this disaster for months to come.

We decided to help in the best way we know how, through music. Our song “Eye of the Storm” touches real close to home on this subject so we decided to make a tribute video for everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

This is a song about sticking together no matter how immense the chaos is around you. All Profits from downloads will go to JJ Watt’s Hurricane Relief Fund so please click here (bit.ly/iEYEots) to download the song & share the Video with everyone you know who was affected by Harvey.”

“Eye Of The Storm” captures the sensation of fighting for stability, while also feeling inspiring and hopeful. As well as showing footage of the impact of Hurricane Harvey, the video captures the strength of human spirit and resilience even after disaster. It’s a powerful and moving tribute.

Check out “Eye Of The Storm” via the video below:

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