Polaris – Hypermania (New Music)

Sydney five piece Polaris have shared a new song ahead of their appearance at Unify Gathering 2020. “Hypermania” follows on from previous single “Masochist” which released in November.

Unlike the contemplative introduction of the single before it, “Hypermania” comes at the listener with full unbridled force, and makes for a breathtaking blast of energy that reeks of anxiousness. Absorbed with the stunningly created and edited music video, “Hypermania” has this listener swiftly swept up in a frantic state of affairs. It’s wild and action-packed from the get-go.

With its breakneck pace, zig-zags of rhythm, and frenzied vocal interjections from bassist Jake Steinhauser, “Hypermania” is a gripping ride. The sass and frayed edges of the “I’ve been up, I’ve been down every day” section add a mesmerising craziness to the track (which seems to progressively grow). Moments like the throaty bass-focused section, tag-team vocals, and other unexpected elements add to the sense of loss of control. Vocalist Jamie Hails visually and vocally nails the wide-eyed intensity as the song teeters on the edge of a breakdown.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with everyone”

The sonic intensity of “Hypermania” marries brilliantly with what’s shared in the lyrics too; with someone feeling on edge and well… manic. In listening to the track I feel the frustration in the cycle the person feels trapped in/by, and the “Here we go again” return captures it perfectly. The person is fully aware of the cycle they’re in and perhaps even why it is the case, and they’re stuck in it.

I love the imagery relating to trains and train tracks in “Hypermania”‘s music video, which is directed by Ed Reiss, produced by Elder, and edited by Kieran Ellis-Jones. It’s a great metaphor for unstoppable forces, with no way of changing path or direction with any kind of ease. The static visual noise, bright colours, and lit up overlaid edits feel like bombardment of the senses and experiencing things that others may not, and also add to the erratic vibe of it all. The later appearance of grey seems to be when balance is found again, or at least a short break.

Above all, the song and its visuals are gripping and impressive! “Hypermania” is yet another winner from Polaris, which is bound to add to the intrigue of what’s in store via their The Death Of Me album, releasing 21st February (pre-order here).

Watch “Hypermania” below via YouTube below.


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