Parkwood – I’ll Be Fine (New Music)

Seeing out the year on a high, melodic hardcore band Parkwood have just released “I’ll Be Fine”. The single is the first release from the band since their Close To Home EP released in March, and includes a vocal feature from Christopher Vernon. The track was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Parkwood’s guitarist and vocalist Sam Bianco.

With the mammoth truth “If I had just listened more to my heart, I’d be fine” standing out clearly in the lyrics, “I’ll Be Fine” shares honest takes on the inner (but collective) experience of life. From a distant opening, we’re quickly drawn into a confession and story about all that goes on within. Serial apologists and circular thinkers will find themselves in this song.

Speaking more with vocalist Alec Wilson about “I’ll Be Fine”, he describes it as an “anthem for anxiety”, and we hear in his tense and frustrated spoken word verses all of the ways in which symptoms plague those affected. The repeated vocal reassurance of “I’ll be fine” over the anguished frustration paints a futile attempt to feel anything but anxious. Alec shares “It is an attempt at creating a straight forward explanation of certain symptoms of anxiety that provide us with nothing but dissatisfaction.”

It’s yet another gorgeous piece of music from this band that continue to impress. Maybe they’ll play it at the Thornhill Christmas Extravaganza? There’s only one way to find out..

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