PANICWOLF – Misery (New Music)

PANICWOLF came into existence in 2013 as a side project for some of the members. Since then it has gone through multiple line-up changes and countless other struggles, but finally they are here to announce their debut EP, Paralyze. 

With this they have also dropped their debut single, “Misery”, which is a hard hitting and heavy track about internal suffering. This song and others off the EP have been in the pipeline for about 3-4 years, so to finally get them out into the world must be huge for the Atlanta, USA based band. PANICWOLF is Luke Stevens (vocals), Colin Bennett (drums/vocals), Patrick Lowry (guitar), and Sean Emmetts (bass).

“Misery” is remorseless, as the verses surround you with crazy riffs, hard hitting bass, and drum beats that feel like an earthquake. Fast and hard, the merciless headbang inducing instrumentals are the perfect undertone to the vicious screaming vocals. Gravelly at times, the still brutal screams are in the sweet spot of sound, as they manage to display deep emotion as well as make the song feel huge. The complimentary clean vocals are also a high point, as they portray the more angst filled side of the band, with each word sung making it feel more and more like the song is wounded emotionally.

“Misery let go of me, every single part of me. But I’m still hanging on!”

The choruses feel huge, like something a band would do in their second or third album, let alone their first song, and are made even better by the contrasting vocals bouncing off of each other and creating the perfect sound. Bridging into the final chorus, the song becomes somewhat of an anthem, as the guitars ring repeatedly through the background, like sirens in the distance, laying the foreground for the almighty vocals to bring it home in a big way.

Lyrically this song appears to tell a story of suffering and toxicity. It speaks heavily of the pain inside your heart and your head, and the desperation and panic that comes with having no respite from this. As the relentless darkness continues, you beg and beg for the demons to let go. Would anyone even care if you ended it? It’s hard to know what is genuine and what is the mental illness trying to tip you over the edge. The lyrics are very powerful, and portray all this imagery and emotion in a very effective way.

“I need relief from my own needs, inside my heart, my head, insanity. Am I a casualty?”

PANICWOLF’s debut EP Paralyze comes out on August 24. Pre-order here:

Listen to “Misery” here:


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