Paledusk – AO (New Music)

The Fukuoka crew of Paledusk are back with a new single, as well as news of an EP to come. Happy Talk releases on 28th April, and contains the blisteringly heavy “AO”, as well as three other new tracks (“HAPPY TALK”, “Q2”, and “LIGHTS”).

“AO” bounces as well as grinds, and shares its message fiercely and through a fog of electro-static. Always feeling like it’s teetering on the edge, the song hits with a breakneck pace and syllabic fire from the vocals.

Drenched in samples and coming at the ears with a never-ending supply of twists and turns, “AO” is a punching track that is at times erratic and wild with only one fleeting moment of seeming broad and anthemic. With breakdowns for days, each one is lined with pixels.

“Who do you wanna be?”

By way of meaning, “AO” continues what was shared in “9 SMILES” before it; exploring freedom and individuality. Asking “Who do you wanna be?” and inspiring a run at freedom instead of limits, the song is as inspired as it sounds.

Paledusk’s sound has them unofficially join a growing camp of metalcore where limits are toyed with.  They rub shoulders with bands like Dealer and Lotus Eater who are injecting something fresh and needed into existing ideas of metalcore (such as technical guitar and breakdowns). It sounds and feels like someone said “What if we…?” every step of the way. The creative experimentation adds to the excitement that comes easy in a Paledusk track, and maybe someday we’ll see what the Japanese band bring to the stage.

Watch the vibrant and chaotic “AO” below via YouTube.

Kel Burch

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