Holding Absence – Gravity (New Music)

With a smear of colour across their typical monochromatic aesthetic, Holding Absence have delivered a surprise release with “Gravity”. The new single (and video) pairs with “Birdcage” to form a limited edition 7″, set to release on 17th April via SharpTone Records.  The band have made no secret of working on LP number two in recent times, and time will tell whether the new songs will be part of that or simply be a special standalone release to comfort their fanbase.

And speaking of fans, the affinity for the moth of the Holding Absence logo feels touched upon with the first verse of “Gravity”, where vocalist Lucas Woodland speaks about being drawn fixatedly to another.  Speaking from a state of being low, and being pulled lower by the minute, “Gravity” is a beautifully expressed desire to find an anchor and hope.

As emotionally impactful and sonically grand and atmospheric as the Holding Absence signature sound has become, “Gravity” vines its way inside the heart and extracts the parts of the listener that (painfully) relate to the state of helplessness.  Low and dark, the song intimately explores the experience with a paintbrush of timeless metaphors, curiosity of bass, and frustration of drums. “Gravity” is a multifaceted capture of a relationship facing the worst.

I’ve got clouds, you’ve got halos.

If the listener had managed to hold it together through the first half of “Gravity”, it may be the surrendered and solemn bridge that’ll break them. The line “So tired from making the climb that I can’t enjoy the view” resonates powerfully with the idea of how persistent effort of trying to pull oneself up numbs the experience of life. And the falling snow that’s lifting toward the end of the Zak Pinchin music video just adds to the heart-wrenching experience. Two figures navigating shadows and cold are wandering in the dark together.

Watch “Gravity” below (and then watch it again), and pre-order “Gravity” / “Birdcage” here before they run out.

[Holding Absence photo credit: Bethan Miller]
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