Otenki – Call It A Night (New Music)

Houston rock/pop/alternative band Otenki have released a brand new track, called “Call It A Night”.

Otenki have three new tracks on the way and “Call It A Night” is the first of them. The track feels like a starlit night and moment of intimacy, with chimed melody, chilled beats and velvety vocals.

“We should be alone now
Let’s just try to pretend
This night soon will be over
And I’m not giving in”

According to guitarist Enoma Asowata, the song is a call back to being young, in love and throwing caution to wind. He shares that it’s about ‘being bold and taking a chance on love, if only for a night’.

They’ve enlisted the support of Houston rapper Guilla, who gives their pop/rock track a unique twist and a dose of heaviness at the bridge.

Check out “Call It A Night” below and connect with Otenki on social media:


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