Ocean Grove – Intimate Alien (New Music)

Melbourne’s Ocean Grove have new music on the way for 2017 with upcoming album The Rhapsody Tapes. Ocean Grove are Luke Holmes (vocals), Jimmy Hall (guitar), Matthew Henley (guitar), Dale Tanner (bass & clean vocals), Sam Bassal (drums). They also have Running Touch as a studio member.

Ocean Grove are something unique as far as a band goes. We fell in love with their Rhapsody Manifesto; an agreement between them and the world by way of music, authenticity and realness.

With this uniqueness in mind, we can’t wait to hear what’s coming on The Rhapsody Tapes, which is out 3rd February. According to UNFD, the album was entirely written, recorded and produced by the band (including Running Touch), from the bedroom of their 19-year-old drummer Sam Bassal.

“Intimate Alien” is a great nu metal track, with a 90s Korn feel (like our Track Of The Day yesterday) with a repeating melody, funky bass, heavy guitar and vocals, as well as rapped vocals.

Check out the video for Intimate Alien below, which features Running Touch in character as an alien exploring the world around him.

Kel Burch

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