Ocean Grove – Glass Gloss (New Music)

It’s been a minute since we last heard from the boys in Ocean Grove. The skinny six are back with their new chapter of the Odd World; “Glass Gloss”. It’s yet to be confirmed whether this is related to an upcoming album or just a standalone piece. What has been confirmed however, is Luke Holmes (vocals) and Jimmy Hall’s (guitar) departure from the act. Though the nature of the parting is unclear, it doesn’t appear to be on any negative terms and I can’t imagine the childhood friends would be. With speculation on the departure said to be being cleared up this coming week, the band’s final performance together (for now) will be at UNIFY festival 2019. Make sure you swing through and give the legends a goodbye they deserve. Now, to the music.

“Glass Gloss” marks the first time we’ve heard from Ocean Grove since their 2017 first full-length release, The Rhapsody Tapes. On the album art we see familiar art from the previous release, perhaps we could be experiencing another reissue, akin to the band’s second EP Black Label. The song itself is an explosive experience on the ears, with the vocal load being shared between Luke and alternate vocalist Dale Tanner.

“The cycles repeating, my strange love is fleeting
Everybody’s on their shit, I’m feeling life”

The introduction is a sound we are familiar with; it couldn’t be more Ocean Grove if it tried, and that’s a comforting thing after a year of silence. We are treated to their trademark distorted vocal hooks combined with the grueling guitars from Jimmy, Matt Henley, and studio guitarist Running Touch. The production on this, from Sam Bassal, is stellar and nothing short of ecstatic. It sounds like they threw all of those things into a blender, sprinkled some nu metal and grunge along for seasoning and were left with a pretty sweet concoction. Whenever sounds like this are present, it’s common to see comments comparing it to acts such as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, and Marilyn Manson (some of the band’s key influences) but it takes some gusto to walk on the road already paved and be able to paint your own lines on it.

If you have a keen eye, you may have seen the bonus clip go up on the band’s Facebook. While it is only short, clocking in at a minute or so, it does feature a composition regarding the situation at hand with Luke and Jimmy. The clip features band mascot Donny, played by Running Touch, and paints a picture of what’s to come for the now supposed four-piece.

Coupling the title “Glass Gloss” with the lyrics, as well as the driving pace and vibe of incredulity, the new track comes across like a music industry push-back. Not content with selling their souls nor becoming another ‘weapon of mass appeal’, the Odd World guys are urgent in sharing a desire to turn off from the manipulation, and shunning outward perceptions. They’re instead turning inward to realness and also ‘feeling life’, smashing the glass of celebrity gloss and speaking in somewhat revolutionary tones; making our own ways which have nothing to do with the soul-consuming fame machine which creates its own pressures. They know their way out.

We’re in love with this. Check out “Glass Gloss” via YouTube or your favourite streaming places.


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