Now, Now – Prehistoric (Track Of The Day, 20th December)

Our Track Of The Day is a beautiful moment courtesy of indie/pop duo Now, Now. “Prehistoric” is from Now, Now’s 2012 album Threads (when the current two piece were three).

“Prehistoric” reveals itself through a pulsing haze at its introduction. Intimate vocals and honesty are shared, with searching guitars laced with curiosity. It draws you in and keeps you with it; we want to know where this is going too.

As the track continues, it feels like a relationship is held within the palm of a hand and is eyed closely, with each piece/thread/part observed and analysed. Spell-casting vocals feel like timid honesty, while maintaining vulnerability in speaking about where things are at presently: There’s fog between the two involved, unable to see or reach the other, even if a connection remains.

“I would trade this sleep for you in a heartbeat”

In this beautiful and melodic track, it’s an angsty expression of cautious distance between two, with acknowledgement of the complication and how things have changed. As the track moves into grittier and heavier sound, there’s an escalated sense of how stuck they are.

“Prehistoric” is such a dreamy love-ridden track, ending with a spacious sense of slipping and distortion, with ear-to-ear ripples of change in the wind.

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Kel Burch

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