Northlane – Solar (Track Of The Day, 16th April)

Among the many powerful tracks on Northlane‘s Mesmer album (released 24th March), is “Solar”. This fourth track of Mesmer is our Track Of The Day today.

Northlane have used the platform of Mesmer to share their thoughts about our human experience in various ways. In the case of “Solar”, the song is a direct description of how we treat our planet. Northlane’s Josh Smith shared that “Solar” is speaking about the ‘natural world’ and ‘human world’ not being in sync, in how we have a tendancy to just use a resource until it’s depleted and move on. In the face of considering other planets for colonisation, Josh states that “we can’t forget about where we live now and what we need to do to take care of it.”

“”Solar” is talking about our loss of appreciation
and interconnectedness with nature.”
– Josh Smith

“Solar” is one of the lighter tracks of Mesmer with mostly clean vocals, relatively gentle beats and a swaying and soaring sound. The passion on the topic shines through as it’s emotionally sung, and builds with urgency as the song continues.

“She’s stormy, doubted and over-relied on
Take a good long look at that horizon”

Check out “Solar” below (and the rest of Mesmer) and share with us what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Kel Burch

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