DBMK – Always On (Track Of The Day, 15th April)

“I’m burning but I want a warm body next to mine
I’m sinking to the bottom weighed down by my flawed design”

Our Track Of The Day is an electro edged justification of self from DBMK.

“Always On” lives at track eight of Collapse and its eccentric self (with a variety of sounds across the track) just happens to be commentary on the eccentric self of DBMK’s frontman Kyle Knudsen.

In our interview with Kyle, he shared that he tended to write inspired by conversation, and that “Always On” was relating to a dialogue between himself and a high school friend:

“He often told me that my personality was “always on” in full eccentric force, and the rest of the song is me explaining why I feel a need to be the way that I am.”

“Always On” starts lightly before being broader in sound. It feels like swinging between escapism and angsting. We had felt that the song was relating to ‘relationship angst’ when we first reviewed Collapse, but maybe we could say that it is about ‘relating angst’, and wanting people to get who you are and accepting you as your unique/eccentric self, even if you have endless amounts of browser tabs open in your head.

We are so grateful that Kyle’s full eccentric forces have led to the creation of some amazing music with DBMK. Check out “Always On” via Spotify below.

Header image credit: Taylore Moore.

Kel Burch

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