Noija – Can’t Slow Down (New Music)

Swedish alternative rock four piece Noija keep bringing solid tracks to our ears. Their latest is “Can’t Slow Down”, released today along with a music video. Nick, Daniel, Max and Ludvig seem to be referring to Noija itself with this new track, reflecting the strength that their music carries.

“Can’t Slow Down” takes us into the experience of feeling on the cusp of something new and blowing up. Sitting in this experience of humble realness, with life going by, there’s a question of who will be there in support as a leap is taken toward bringing dreams to life.

The track is hard hitting, inspiring tingles of future anticipation of goals coming to life and also acknowledgement of sacrifices that’ll need to be made along the way. Something amazing and exciting is being build, and Noija are asking for unconditional trust of those in their lives. They feel here to do great things, and even if it all goes badly, they want to try.

“Their empty words were all so frail but now I’ll use them as my guide and I know that I’ll prevail”

There’s a beautiful and moving dream-soaked interlude at the bridge, feeling like drifting away in the fantasy of what could come. There’s so much joy in what they hope to bring to life, and they’ll use the doubts of others or themselves as fodder to do things better than ever. They seem to have unwavering belief that they can overcome anything that’s thrown at them.

“Can’t Slow Down” is a powerful statement, and a true one, given that Noija as a band truly show no signs of slowing down, releasing consistently good music. The four piece are all-in, steadily building hype toward what ever is to come next for their band. They will prevail.

Soak up this new track via the music video. Keep an eye on Noija HERE.


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