Asking Alexandria – Into The Fire (New Music)

The massive “Into The Fire” is the brand new track from English metalcore band Asking Alexandria. It’s the first with vocalist Danny Worsnop back at the helm, and seems to tell the story of two different men, contained within the one being.

From the beginning, “Into The Fire” is gritty and seeks to be heard LOUDLY. I absorbed the track via the video and watched curiously this movie-esque piece involving fast cars, tragedy, remorse, and darkness.

It soon became apparent that what is being shared here is a head-to-head conflict between what is seen as dark or evil, and light and good. With the white and black clothing, as well as the swinging of sides within the lyrics, it seems that these two parts (of Danny, I presume) are at conflict.

Lyrically we seem to be let in to a conversation that Danny is having with a higher power. Literally down on his knees, he tries to make sense of himself in the face of what he has done historically and in thinking of where he’s going from here.

There’s a sense of self-hatred and wanting to punish himself, but there’s also another side of him that has no regrets at all for what he has done; a side that enjoys the darkness and the aliveness that comes with feeling wild, versus feeling nothing.

Throughout “Into The Fire” there seems to be a dissection of all the things that he has done and isn’t proud of. There’s a call to “Take them all back”, but then affirming that he wouldn’t take the moments back at all (“Not one miserable moment”). It has me curious whether the concept of going “into the fire” in this track relates to a religious concept of cleansing by fire, and facing what was done with humility, and healing from within.

It’s all so raw and open, with tears shown in the video also. He feels what he’s done, and isn’t proud, but it happened and he’s owning it. He can also feel that he has this ruthless darkness within him, that he’s capable of unspeakable things.

The final conclusion is when the remorseful Danny in white comes head-to-head (literally) with the rageful ‘masochistic dilettante’ Danny in black.

It is To Be Continued in movie style, and sparks curiosity as to which Danny ‘won’, and what this means for future music to come.

Check out “Into The Fire” via its music video below or stream via Spotify.


Kel Burch

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