Movements – Deadly Dull (New Music)

Californian post-hardcore band Movements have partnered with Alzheimer’s Association with the creation of their music video for “Deadly Dull”. A moving favourite from Feel Something album, “Deadly Dull” shares a personal story of Movements’ vocalist Patrick Miranda, inspired by spending time with his girlfriend’s grandfather and watching him under the grip of Alzheimer’s.

The shock of seeing someone with lapses in memory and understanding hit palpably home via Patrick Miranda’s voice in “Deadly Dull”. He places himself in these shoes and the ‘it could be me’ factor hits breathtakingly and movingly hard.

“I want people to understand that Alzheimer’s is more than the misconceptions. My own hope is that we will one day find a cure or effective treatment. It’s very possible that any one of us can lose every sense of the person we are to this disease. We are all susceptible to becoming a shell of the person we used to be, all of our collective years of memories of love … gone. It’s a scary thought, but we can do something about it.” – Patrick Miranda, Movements

Directed by Max Moore, the music video powerfully depicts the lapses of reality and confusion of an Alzheimer’s sufferer, and the anguish of those watching helplessly. The pain of seeing someone not understanding that his partner has died cuts to a heartaching core.

“Can we go see G-Ma down the street?
When I saw her last, she didn’t say much of anything”

In Patrick’s words: “The song is powerful as it is, but adding a video really helps drive the point home and make the situation more understandable. Seeing someone you love suffer from a disease that rids them of who they are is a really hard thing to experience. We felt that director Max Moore would do a perfect job of taking this song to the next level, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Relentlessly trying to have us feel something, Movements have excelled with this touching new music video, which doubles as a ‘try not to cry’ challenge due to its very real nature. Watch:


We’ve also added “Deadly Dull” to our The Depth List: 2018 Spotify playlist.

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