Bird Concerns – The Monster (New Music)

Los Angeles garage rock band Bird Concerns have just released a music video and track “The Monster”. Bird Concerns are Marcus Buser (bass & vocals), Travis Meador (guitar & vocals), Jake Sucher (guitar & vocals), and Cooper Wolken (drums & vocals).

The band’s sound is a happy marriage between grungey guitars and four-part harmonies. With humble vocals and a sense of weekend relaxedness, Bird Concerns share their experience of being labelled as a ‘monster’ and growing those metaphorical fangs and fur.

“You are not the monster inside your head”

Compassionately and warmly, “The Monster” explores the concept of embracing the demons within, even if not understood by others. In Marcus’s words: “”The Monster” is inspired by my own struggles with depression, anxiety and misplaced guilt. It’s a song about learning to accept yourself and in turn give acceptance to others”.

“The Monster” is a call to see something good about oneself, and is vulnerable in this outward request.

Check out “The Monster” via its quirky music video or stream via Spotify. You can also find “The Monster” on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.



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