MISERIA – The Golden Gray (New Music)

Gothenburg, Sweden based alternative metal band MISERIA have just released a new track along with a music video. MISERIA are Alexander Buhaj (vocals), Johan Olsson (guitars), Adam Dahlman (bass), Richard Sörensen (guitars) and Lowe Jonathan (drums).

Not a band to shy away from heavy or difficult topics, “The Golden Gray” confrontationally describes the nothingness that exists under a person presenting thenselves with a gilded façade.

This track goes hard; drum intensity and burning riffage finding their way in under the mask the person is wearing. Clean vocals at the chorus try to get through to the oblivious, with emotional fire remaining.

“You see yourself as clean but you are soaked in mud”

MISERIA are expressing how clearly they can see through to the core of a person, who is not as great as they think they are or how they present themselves to be. They find themselves sickened in seeing someone getting away with being shallow and manipulative.

MISERIA are affirming with sick breakdowns and vocal headbutts that they’ll make it with their realness and heart, while those with questionable tactics will end up in self-destruction.

It’s a sick track from all fronts. Soak up “The Golden Gray” via its music video or stream via Spotify.


Kel Burch

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