Mirrors – Bring Me Home (Track Of The Day, 11th May)

Our Track Of The Day today comes from metalcore four-piece Mirrors. “Bring Me Home” comes from Mirrors’ debut EP Fools Paradise, firmly putting the Gippsland band on the map.

“Bring Me Home” is fifth on the EP and pulls into a heaviness and sense of chaoticness at times with dissonant sounds and rawness, with the clearer and more open sections inspiring a sense of hope that things will be overcome.

“It takes a hold of me, regardless of what I say
Like the sun I feel its rays
Don’t leave me here on my own
Please, there’s nothing left
So bring me home”

David Vernon of Belle Haven features in the vocals on “Bring Me Home”, noticeably lifting the track in the soaring melodic chorus, working as brilliant support of the rawness expressed in this battle of a track. When we spoke with Mirrors, Patrick Goodman (vocals) shared how this feature came to be:

“I actually started vocal lessons with David while recording the EP. I showed him our EP and he was pretty impressed. I knew he would slot perfectly in “Bring Me Home” so I asked him after a lesson and he was more than happy to. The man’s got some lungs on him!”

Patrick shared with us that “Bring Me Home” is about a love/hate relationship, and wanting to inspire something more positive by appreciating the connection had with mates. “I don’t feel there’s anything that makes you feel at home and smile like getting loose with the boys.”

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Mirrors will be playing at BANG’s “Spooky Slumber Party” on May 27th. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1894193537529680/

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