Mirage – Indigo (Track Of The Day, 29th October)

Lyon based metalcore band Mirage dropped their debut EP Depuis Le Temps… on 29th September. The five piece consisting of David Paoli (vocals), Adrien Gonzales (lead guitar), Stéphane Gout (rhythm guitar), Guillaume Vo (bass), and Antoine Tribouillard (drums) have our Track Of The Day today with “Indigo” from the EP.

As in our review of the EP, we found “Indigo” to be a beautiful track, with heaviness at times reflecting an inner fight and mental pressure.

At its beginning, “Indigo” has a gentle sound and David’s clean vocals expressing a state of vulnerable honesty; questioning his purpose, as well as the meaning of life. As he literally says, his thoughts are wearing him out, and the gentle heartbeat that accompanied the track gets faster before flatlining.

It’s resuscitation via djent (which Mirage do impressively well) and we’re encouraged onward instead of waiting, overthinking, and decaying into nothing. The questioning carries on, but with collective strength and hopefulness instead of destructive defeat.

“I won’t drown!”

David shared with me that “Indigo” talks about his difficulties to fit into the mould, and to accept life as a gift and not a randomly imposed existence.

As “Indigo” ends, we’re called to arms, uniting in our uniqueness, to make a difference while we’re here. The track is empowering and encouraging and is well worth having on a playlist on the days you feel like meaning, purpose or connection is nowhere to be found.

Listen to “Indigo” and the whole of the Depuis Le Temps.. EP via Bandcamp, or stream via Spotify HERE.

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