Mild Manic – Global Threat (New Music)

Melbourne punk rockers Mild Manic are back on the scene, with a fresh new track that kicks. Featuring Sam Rees (vocals/guitar), Chris Rees (guitar/vocals), Dave Boyes (bass/vocals), and Jye Flynn (drums), we last heard from Mild Manic with their 2017 EP Line and Length.

With the release of “Global Threat”, Mild Manic are showing a step forward into a punchier take on their surf/skate vibing angst, and we’re loving this step up. With slamming beats, grooving bass, and gang vocals giving a sense of collective ambition, “Global Threat” is a solid and high vibing track, inviting us all to unite and spark change despite the negativity surrounding us.

“We hope for the seasons to change,
heard it all before
did you know it’s not the same”

In Jye’s words, “Our last EP had so many different components with two punkier or heavier songs while the rest were a bit more tame. Before we started writing global threat we spoke about writing something that can really showcases the heavier or punkier parts of our previous work and I think “Global Threat” does that.”

With an infectious sound, gorgeous guitar solo at the bridge, and a moving ending (“Now I’m free”), “Global Threat” is going to easily find its way onto playlists and into heads and hearts.

To celebrate the new release, Mild Manic are heading out on their East Coast tour along with Sydney rockers Blue Velvet, which we are proudly co-presenting. Details on where you can find the band below!

In the meantime, listen to “Global Threat” via triplej Unearthed.


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