Luca Brasi – Let It Slip (New Music)

Luca Brasi have celebrated the announcement of their fourth album with a new video for “Let It Slip”. The track released in March, and is the first single from Stay, which is planned for release on 22nd June via Cooking Vinyl Australia.

The new music video is a case of two worlds colliding for Luca Brasi’s lead singer Tyler Richardson. The video is the product of a collaboration between Taroona High (where Tyler teaches) and Canon Australia, allowing students to be involved in production, filming, as well as acting, as part of a Canon youth development initiative. The video sees the band schooled on how to make a music video by the students.

The realities of Tyler and the other band members of Luca Brasi’s lives also form the inspiration behind the album; relating to finding balance and acceptance with what they have. With band members approaching 30 and having families and careers, Luca Brasi share that Stay is about “focusing on the positive and ensuring we pay it forward.

“The voice I’m hearing in my head is never the one that falls out”

As first taste, “Let It Slip” flows with anthemic strength from end to end, feeling like a call for connection to those that matter. Realistic perspective on their behaviour is expressed with genuine vocals and warm guitars. A sense of gratitude toward those that were kind to them, when they were at their least unlovable, joins strong homecoming vibes, making “Let It Slip” a really beautiful piece of music.

Check out “Let It Slip” with the music video below, and get ready for Stay. Pre-order now at We’ve also added this beauty to our Spotify playlist HERE.


[Luca Brasi image credit: Kane Hibberd]
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