Lotus Eater – Break It (New Music)

Being positively floored by their newly released single “Break It” shoved me down the rabbit hole of getting to know Scottish heavies Lotus Eater. Forming in 2016, the band consists of Jamie McLees (vocals), Douglas Park (guitar), Alan Ross (guitar), Craig McCulloch (bass), and Cameron Humphrey (drums).

Whether it’s via their hard-hitting music, their attention to the Lotus Eater entity, or with their social media presence and statements like “This is Gloom”, it’s clear to me that the band are passionate about making a statement. The boldly determined five piece have deservedly caught the eye of Hopeless Records, and are impressively the first heavy British band to sign with the label.

“Break It” is a two-step invitation and the latest from the band. It follows on from “Branded”, and the band’s self-titled EP. Taking a brief trip through Lotus Eater shows just how stunningly creative (and punishing) this band’s take on heavy music is. “Break It” is no different; shifting through different intensities and densities as the track rolls on.

“I gave you everything, you told me I was worthless”

Cleanly toned drum beats kick off the track, before it’s soon buried under a thick covering of hate. “Break It”‘s accents and tempo changes in amongst a steady progression act like barbs pulling attention. The heavy track hears from someone who is oppressed and worn down and has reached breaking point. “No more misery” sees a turning point and an extraction from the tension, cementing newfound freedom, reinforced by the wide open spaces of a hefty breakdown.

Check out “Break It” via the music video directed by Zak Pinchin below. We’ve also added the track to our Spotify playlist for new music HERE.


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