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Birmingham based emo punks Layover have announced that they have an EP on the way, the first taste of this being new single “Slumber”. Your Laughter Never Leaves will release on 4th May, via Fox Records. Layover are Luke Rainsford (vocals), Dominic Cattell (guitar), Elliot Wallett (bass), and Brad Fisher (drums).

Announcing their hiatus in 2016, Layover began writing again in 2017, with the gorgeous “Slumber” being a fitting first release after their musical hibernation. Emotional and touching, “Slumber” offers up genuine moments of reflection, with a searing ache that builds in severity as the track goes on.

“Take me where you are, please take me where you are”

Chugging riffs and raw emotion flood the listener, and we become enveloped within the quest to find home again for one’s heart. Powerful and driving, we swing on an emotional thread from beginning to end of “Slumber”, where confession peers out from behind weighty hurt.

Of the track, vocalist Luke Rainsford shares that “Slumber” was the track the band believed to have the strongest message, and was “the one we feel a lot of different people can relate to across a wide range of situations.”

Rainsford also shares that it foreshadows the direction Layover wish to take the band in the future. Fans are asked to consider 2018 to be a clean slate for the band, with their earlier discography being “misaligned” with Layover’s maturity, renewed energy and considered aesthetic.

Of Your Laughter Never Leaves, Layover share that topics of mental health and loss will be addressed sensitively and sincerely over the five tracks.

Your Laughter Never Leaves tracklisting:
1. Hunger Pains
2. Coffee and Fluoxetine
3. Hollow Me Out
4. Slumber
5. Your Laughter Never Leaves

The EP can be pre-ordered now:
Physical (CD & Ltd. Edition 12” Vinyl):

Soak up “Slumber” via YouTube below. You can also find it on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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