LANDMVRKS – Fantasy (Track Of The Day, 13th October)

We can’t get enough of French metalcore, having been enjoying new music from Mirage, Resolve. Here’s some more, courtesy of LANDMVRKS!

The Marseille based metalcore/hardcore five piece consisting of Flo, Niko, Rudy, Sherman and Nico, and have just recently released “Fantasy” (on 30th September). “Fantasy” follows up their February release of a cover of Sum 41‘s “Fat Lip”, and their album Hollow in May 2016.

“Fantasy” opens smoothly before dropping into satisfying grittiness and aggression. Landmvrks go hard at it, sharing raw frustration, trying to wake people up to what they can’t see. I’m hooked on the riffs, the intensity of the vocals, and the ‘keep the fuck up with us’ vibe.

“This isn’t what we want
Will you wait to see me fall?
If the heartless bleed
I guess that love is a fantasy”

We’re treated with the French version of ‘bleughhh’ and get a front row seat as the track explodes into intense agitation. The pockets of clean vocals throughout support the ongoing and humble quest for truth. “Fantasy” demands to know what lies underneath what they thought they knew of a person, feeling sickened by the confusing deception they’re facing.

The video has the band in the midst of an appearance-prioritising and pretention-laden party, playing their confrontationally vibed music for those who’d rather completely avoid raw honesty. It’s as awkward as you’d think, and it works so well!

There’s nothing I don’t like about this. Soak up the music video below.

Keep up with the band, via their website:
Twitter/Instagram: @LANDMVRKS


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