Bullet For My Valentine – Don’t Need You (Track Of The Day, 15th October)

Our Track Of The Day today comes from Bullet For My Valentine. “Don’t Need You” is the Welsh four piece’s first release since their 2015 release of their fifth studio album Venom. “Don’t Need You” is out now, via Spinefarm Records / Search & Destroy.

“Don’t Need You” takes us into a world of beauty, but all is not what it seems. Set in a church, where beams of light, stained glass windows and candelabras are soon replaced by up-turned tables and broken bottles.

An orchestral introduction, with vocals gaining volume, soon leads us into metal intensity. It’s clear that the facade has been shattered and what has lain underneath is now oozing out.

“Bury me with all you got
It never stops never ends gotta try and
Let it out let it go
Is this the end?
‘Cos it might just break me”

The heaviness expresses that something that was once supportive, is being let go of. In an interview with Kerrang, Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck shared about the video and track: “There’s this beautiful ceremony, and it appears to be all about love and trust, but there’s this undercurrent of mistrust and bullshit to go with it.”

As you’ll see from the video below (and feel from the song), the frustration and intensity being expressed.

Bullet For My Valentine will be touring the US and Canada in January, as support for Avenged Sevenfold on The Stage World Tour, along with Breaking Benjamin.



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