John Floreani – Oh Brother (New Music)

I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes you come across a creation that’s so very personal that it has a forcefield of vulnerability that says ‘don’t mess with this’. It’s like mocking your sister then opening her diary and seeing her innermost woes bled out onto the pages and deciding to back off. John Floreani‘s second single from upcoming debut album Sin is one of these. “Oh Brother” has us immersed in a snapshot of a sibling relationship, almost uncomfortably so.

Typically having to read between lines and sink into the emotion of a song to extract meaning, “Oh Brother” has it laid out cleanly and precisely, making for an impactful piece of music. Where “Echoes” was a heartswellingly beautiful capture of all-consuming love, “Oh Brother” details something almost the opposite – not hate, but separation, disintegration, and nothingness.

“And I hope you find your way”

Calmly, almost apathetically in the aftermath of persistent trying, pared back guitar with John’s voice and steady drum beats share pieces of history and expectations/hopes for the future. Palpable distaste peeks through, and while there’s love at the core, this is a distancing and pulling energy toward oneself instead of being drawn into another’s destruction. It’s surprisingly upbeat at the hand-clapping ‘do do do do’ of the bridge, maybe in celebration (of sorts) of giving up the effort of trying to help someone who perhaps doesn’t want to be helped.

The music video by Rory Pippan shows a man standing on the side of the road smoking in the dark. With the man at times seeming to think about a song and sway, at others seeming tense, I can’t tell if this is meaningful with regards to the creation of the song, or literally just ‘hey let’s just record someone having a ciggie’. Regardless, it has kept a similar real life/human aesthetic ongoing that we saw with “Echoes”, and may see continue throughout Sin. Time will tell!

Watch “Oh Brother” below via YouTube, or hear it at your favourite streaming places. Sin can be pre-ordered now:


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