John Floreani – Echoes (New Music)

In the small hours of Tuesday, I found myself listening to John Floreani‘s new single “Echoes” on Spotify. Though it was 1am or so and I was exhausted, it was all too easy to get swept away by the amazing song, and I spent some quality time with it; immediately scrawling the notes that have become this article. Once morning came, we learned that “Echoes” is the lead single of John’s debut album Sin, which will release on June 7th via Hopeless Records. We also got to see the beautiful music video to go along with the song, directed by Luke Franceschini.

From the heartbeat skipping waltz pace of “Echoes”‘ introduction, it’s easy to picture the scene that’s being lyrically described by John; virtually seeing him inside an empty house. With more electronic polish than rawness we’ve heard before from the Little Brother moniker of John’s solo music, “Echoes” is light and uplifted. Is it just me or is it reminiscent of floating dust motes in sunbeams, while a writer lassos his warm thoughts about a lover to paper. You can practically hear the smile on the protagonist’s lips as he thinks of a future with her, where patchy unsettledness they’ve endured together is a long-gone memory, and every day inspires the feeling of wholeness she brings.

“I can feel you in the walls”

Just when you’re finding yourself fond of the thoughtful track, it swells into the chorus. Grandness of sound with orchestral fullness has the listener swept away into the emotion, feeling his lover’s presence in their home despite the absence of possessions. Tender overlaid vocals are soft and gentle, as aspirations to build a grounded life together as well as learn together tumble forth. Returning to the chorus, it’s incredible how something so lyrically simple can carry so much with it.

Some songs are easier for me to write about, and this is one of them. Like a rushing stream, it’s easy to fall into the flow of genuine emotion and open thoughts being shared. This isn’t even to mention how gorgeous the song is musically. Or even how much is expressed via the music video with slivers of fly-on-the-wall moments of a romantic relationship.

On the music video idea which surrounds a homosexual relationship, John shared on Instagram that he gained inspiration from his family and friends, “that have been told their whole lives that what they feel is wrong”. “Love does not know gender,” he adds. Though I am loving that music videos feature same-sex couples, I’m also looking forward to it being something that we just don’t notice as a ‘thing’ at some point in the future.

“Echoes” is such a stunning foreshadow for Sin. The artwork for the album as well as “Echoes” features John immersed in milky liquid, which he shared via Instagram that he chose with the intention of being ‘confrontingly human’, as well as wanting to signify being born again. The album itself is something that John considers to be “the truest rendition of me to date”. Elaborating on the album theme, he says that Sin is about “coming of age and honest reflection. Everybody sins.” Can’t wait!

Watch “Echoes” via YouTube, with tracklist and pre-order details for Sin below the video.


John Floreani – Sin

1. Oh Brother
2. Don’t Wait Up
3. Echoes
4. Cocaine
5. Ugly Love
6. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead
7. Repent
8. I Don’t Want To Be Here Either

Pre-orders are available now:

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