Introvert – Somewhere Else (New Music)

Yay, Introvert are back! So the band released “December” in late 2017, rocked Unify Gathering in early 2018, aaand then went quiet. But with the arrival of “Something Else” (presently via triple J Unearthed), it feels like they never left! Based on the Newcastle band’s bio, they’ve been creating behind the scenes and the new single is product of this focus. Whether there’s an EP or album to follow, time will tell.

It was love at first listen with “Something Else” for me, maybe mostly due to the hooking gang vocal line that’s peppered throughout and that forms the chorus; “I’m always wishing I was somewhere else…”. It’s as infectious as Trophy Eyes“Some of my friends sell drugs…” from “You Can Count On Me”, and crafts an immediate affectionate and familiar quality to the song.

That lyric’s internal wriggle away from reality continues through the song, striving for things that are in contrast to what is being experienced. Wistful wonderings gradually grow into heightened calls that express a frustration of things not working out. Shifting from an easy bounce to something more tumultuous, the tense track comes across like a growing fear of running out of time. But with that addictive chorus, it keeps circling back around to a determination to grow above all, and to be given benefit of the doubt in working on that growth. Squealing guitar and percussive focus section at the bridge adds to the call to be believed in, even in struggle.

On the lyric “If I was someone different now, would it be too late?”, drummer Stephen Hopkins explained that it captures what the band have been going through over the last couple of years. He says “This line has a scary amount of relevance to everything during the past three years. I think all of us at one point have had a low opinion of ourselves and wondered if everyone could do better without us. It’s also a sneaky little reference to our first three track release Old Taste, which was basically born out of the same chaotic relationship moments we went through writing this song. It involved giving up on it and trying again multiple times to get it done. That part is also slightly too relevant to the last few years.” 

We’re glad they continued to try again! Play “Somewhere Else” via YouTube below and then maybe play it again. It’s that good.  Fans in Sydney and Melbourne can also have the opportunity to catch it live on the Somewhere Else Single Tour next month, with tickets available HERE.

Introvert are Audie Franks (vocals & guitar), Max Priest (bass), Stephen Hopkins (drums), and James Geraeds (live guitar).

[Band photo courtesy of April Josie]
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