Introvert – Dreamers (New Music)

Following hot on the heels of “Somewhere Else” is another great single from Newcastle four piece Introvert. Just like “Somewhere Else”, “Dreamers” is so far just a standalone single, which may be part of a bigger release that we’ll learn about in the future.

With no sign of catchy gang vocal chants like the release before it, “Dreamers” is a more sombre and frustration-tinged experience. It’s a pleasure to listen to, even though it immediately comes across as nostalgic and heart-heavy. The melodies, rises, and falls from guitar surround and enclose the listener at the introduction, preparing for what’s to come.

Feeling like a question of “What do you want from me?”, “Dreamers” comes across like an expression of someone never quite hitting the mark, and never feeling adequate enough, with impossible goal posts always out of reach. At its stunning chorus, “Dreamers” implies that this inadequacy pushes attention away, while they’re secretly wishing to be seen and understood. And yeah, in this way they’re also screwing themselves over (in refusing attention), forming yet another fuck up to add to the virtual list of Reasons Why I Suck.

“The only way out is through my teeth”

With all the tension pulling together so satisfyingly in the harmonious and full “I am stuck in this dream” part, I’m in love with the line that follows it; “The only way out is through my teeth”.  My immediate mental image is gritted teeth, grinning and bearing it, biting down and enduring. I take it as them just doing what is needed to make it through.

As “Dreamers” continues, it’s surprisingly more intimate with the following verse (“I’m not like you…”). The erratic percussion and affected vocals paint something of a personal mess of a human, which is endearing and real. But the intimacy is over with the slamming arrival of a more forceful self-admonishment of foreseen failure when they allow someone into the chaos alongside them.

It’s sweet in a way and comes across really feelgood to my ears (and all of me) due to the tumbling drum rhythms, those <chef’s kiss> harmonies and the dreaminess of it all combined. Guitar pinch flare-outs and an unexpected last blast are just icing on top.

It’s another great song from the Introvert camp. Have a listen via YouTube below. The music video has also just premiered via triple J Unearthed HERE.


Kel Burch

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