Insch – Whenever You Call My Name (Track Of The Day, 29th March)

It’s just a fact: Insch are cool. Damn cool.

The trio that bring Insch to life with coolness are Migalhas (aka Crumbles), Manel, and Tiago, hailing from Portugal. We fell in love with Insch’s heavy 90s grunge influenced sound when we reviewed their album Safe Haven, and were also taken by their down to earth kindness and generosity of time.

Insch’s “Whenever You Call My Name” is our Track Of The Day. It is bolstered by an impressive music video which plays out more like a story, and captures some of the grunginess with shadowed scenes playing out in a deserted cinema.

We were curious about the storytelling aspect of the video and asked about it when we interviewed Insch:

Could you tell us how the “Whenever You Call My Name” video came to be? It has such a rich storytelling feel to it that we don’t often see these days.

This video was a great endeavor, we wanted to make it special. Instead of just playing our instruments and having a nice background we wanted to tell a story we could connect to. We came across this almost abandoned cinema in our home town Ericeira and our good friend and video producer Filipe Santos ( had the idea to add skaters to the story so we spent a couple of days trashing the place and preparing it for tricks and jumps and stuff. Everyone in the video is a friend of ours, the skaters rockin the cinema, the main character is Migalha’s brother, Ricardo, and even the house you see in the beginning is actually Manel’s flat. It really took the entire village to raise this child. [laughing]

“Whenever You Call My Name” is heavenly rock, with perfect pauses, warm vocals and a searching sound.

Feel, are you real?
Are you there?”

Good news is that Insch are making new music! We can’t wait to hear more details of their upcoming release. In the meantime, enjoy “Whenever You Call My Name”.

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