I, The Divide – Sinking Ships (Track Of The Day, 29th July)

I, The Divide are a Brisbane metalcore band consisting of Ben White (vocals), Zac Gregson (bass/vocals), Shane Duncan (guitar), Zac Mckinlay (guitar) and John King (drums). They’ve just released a new single and lyric video: “Sinking Ships”, which is the second single from the upcoming album Can You Hear Me (releasing 11th August).

Forming in 2015, I, The Divide have been touring with Miss Fortune as well as playing locally. They hit the stage of Crowbar on the 27th July to celebrate the new release.

“Sinking Ships” rocks. It’s one of those songs you feel disappointed when it ends, wanting it to keep going. As YouTube commenter SQUIDLORDO puts it, the track is ‘Fkn lush’.

It’s definitely lush: Groove riffs at its introduction before a swift drop into heaviness and confrontation. A shift happens at the chorus and in this downward tumbling it feels distinctly like gripping on to something for dear life.

“And I will not go down with this sinking ship”

The track carries a vibe of feeling disturbed in the experience with another. It’s ominous and uncomfortable in its breakdown-fueled heavy fight for survival.

Check out “Sinking Ships” with its lyric video or stream via Spotify, and then get suitably hyped for 11th August.

Kel Burch

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