Gravemind – Lifelike (New Music)

Melbourne deathcore band Gravemind are back with a new track and video “Lifelike”. Produced by both the band and Scottie Simpson, recorded by Scottie, and mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc, the track is a huge piece of music, directing its attention to the weighty topic of mortality.

According to vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons, “Lifelike” is about living a life while already dead, as well as acknowledging the inescapable fact that we will all die. In his words, “It has been the hardest song to write lyrically, and the whole creation process this time around has been exceptionally draining, but for good cause. This song is about us, all of us, because no one can escape from this.”

“Lifelike” is a wake up call, set within a sea of riff complexity and irregular rhythms. Fiery truth hits hard, in a hectic smackdown of what life has become, with pockets of wistfulness possibility of something better. The multi-layered experience, with twists and turns through different sounds and sections, brilliantly impacting the listener that’s gripping on for the sonic ride. Aching fact and furious futility march on through an impressive piece of music, with raw spoken word pulling us into a breakdown that doesn’t let up.

“The truth is I’m dying”

The band have honoured the track and its concept with a 7″ vinyl, as well as limited test presses that are beautifully packaged in a laser cut wooden box and have a “Lifelike” themed lyric sheet. Typewritten by vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons, the plantable sheet can be kept as is, or buried, watered, and cared for, to produce life and watch it on its progression to death.

Available to order from 9th April, you might want to grab it fast if you’re keen. Look how gorgeous it is:

Gravemind are Damon Bredin (guitarist and writer), Dylan Gillies-Parsons (vocalist, video director and editor), Michael Petritsch (guitar), Aden Young (guitar), and unofficial member/fill-in, Boris The Blade drummer, Karl Stellar. “Lifelike” features additional vocals by Joshua Renjen. You can catch the guys on tour to celebrate the new single, along with Diamond Construct and 23/19. Details below.

Watch “Lifelike” with the music video below. We’ve also added this beast to our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


Friday 4th May – Adelaide – Enigma Bar 18+
Saturday 5th May – Melbourne – Bendigo Hotel 18+
Sunday 6th May – Melbourne – Wrangler AA
Friday 11th May – Sydney – Chippo Hotel 18+
Saturday 12th May – Brisbane – Crowbar 18+
Tickets available at
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