Forgetting Yesterday – Engram (New Music)

Malmö based punk rockers Forgetting Yesterday have just released a music video for “Engram”. The title track of Swedish five piece’s debut EP Engram (released 10th February) received some videographic love courtesy of Noija‘s Nick Serlstedt. It was also produced, mixed, and mastered by Ludvig Ottosson of Noija.

Forgetting Yesterday are Johan Hansson (vocals), Christopher Hjort (guitar), Casper Nordeng (guitar), Anton Bendroth (bass), and Mathias Grevin Garvö (drums).

“Oh we were so damn ungrateful”

In “Engram” we’re taken on a journey of young love in the fast-paced punk track. Visually and lyrically, a story is told of two kindred spirits who were inseparable as children and gradually grew apart. “Engram” is both a celebration of a wild time of childhood adventures together, as well as being an emotionally moving piece of regret as to the special connection that seems to have been lost.

Being so young, they didn’t recognise what they had, yet the ‘engram’ or encoded memories from that time persist and are strongly felt by the song’s ‘character’. Still fresh in his adult mind is the power of their connection and a recognition of how much love was there between them.

Check out the gorgeous and driving track from Forgetting Yesterday, with a stand-out bridge for the emo amongst us, and a powerful finish. We also recommend taking time to explore Engram EP, as the five piece have put together a very solid collection of music!



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